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Asking for information?

Do you want to contact us because you have questions?
Then click on the link contact. Enter your question or questions and send the email.
We will send you a reply as soon as we can. Whether you decide to book your holiday with us is then entirely up to you. But wait – you still have some questions? That’s no problem at all, we are happy to answer them all.

Do you want to make a booking?
Then just fill in the reservation form and submit it.
Please indicate whether you also want to rent a car or make use of our taxi service.
We will deal with your reservation as quickly as we can. A confirmation will be sent to your email address.

Your flight
There are various websites where you can book your flight online.
We can give you details of a number of websites. These are for flights from the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

Paying for your flight
As you book your flight with the organisation of your own choice, they can tell you how you can pay for it.

Paying for your accommodation and transport on Crete
You don’t have to pay for your apartment, nor the taxi transfer nor the car rental if they were arranged through us, until you get to Villa Mertiza.
This means you don’t have to pay for your whole holiday straight away, which is an extra convenience.

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